Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Scarves, Scarves Everywhere!

So, this year for Christmas I decided to crochet everyone scarves. It started out innocent enough, but soon turned into a monster of a project that has a deadline fast approaching. I don't know what I was thinking! I have finished 14 scarves and I still have at least 20 to go. See the date? Yeah, I am incredibly stupid.

Good thing I am enjoying the hell out of making these scarves. I've made it a point to personalize them as much as possible. I monogrammed a few, and used everyone's favorite colors. I learned new stitches to make the scarves more interesting. I've actually become rather obsessed with crocheting. I never want to do anything else. I have plans to make cat toys, jackets, blankets, slippers, hats, convertible mittens, pants, lace doilies, etc, etc, etc....I just love it!

So much to do in so little time! I hope I make them all in time.

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