Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Won! I Won!

I'm very pleasantly surprised! I was one of the 20 winners of the First Plurk Design-Off Contest. :) Read about it and Plurk (the coolest most awesome communities on the web ever) here: First Plurk Design-Off Winners. Still haven't seen anything about that gift certificate, but I am so happy people liked my little plurk creature. I think I posted a picture of him before, but for shits and giggles here he is again...

Plurk Creature

I wasn't totally pleased with how he turned out (I *suck* at sewing) and I would have added some more color to him. He's pretty cool though. I guess I'll not be ashamed of him anymore. :P

Look for a new post tomorrow! I finally got to give my sister her broomstick lace baby blanket, so I will be posting pics and a quick tip or two on making broomstick lace. Until then...Go to plurk and sign up. It is fun fun fun. :)

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ShowÜ said...

(woot)(applause) It's cool~~