Sunday, December 30, 2007

Soft, gorgeous zip up hoodie

Oh, yeah. That's right. I jumped straight from scarves and amigurumi to a zip up hoodie. I've got the sleeves done, as well as one front panel. It looks awesome and is going to fit like a dream. I'm so excited to get it done! I think my husband is getting jealous of my time with the yarn. :P So, maybe I'll take a day off. Or...maybe not.

Anyway, the hoodie is my very own pattern. I'm kinda winging it, but charting out stitches and decreases, etc, etc before I start a panel. There are six row cable stitches, four row cable stitches, front post, and alternating front and back post stitches.

I plan on continuing the six row cable from the arm to the hood "brim". I'm not sure what I am going to do with the hood yet. I want to make it really cool, and definitely big enough without being silly. The hoodie won't be thick enough for a coat, but it sure will be nice to wear around the house and in the spring when it gets a little warmer. I worked it in hdc's because I thought it looked cramped with the sc's.

I'm going to make some moss green cables to connect all of my panels (the main color is varigated brown boucle). I think the contrasting color will look really nice and the cables just rule. I still have to buy a zipper, but I thought I'd get the actual piece done before I mess around with that. So, one more front panel, a back panel, hood, trim and zipper. And possibly pockets. I loooooooove pockets.

Unfortunately, no pics yet. The new camera software is proving to be difficult to install. So...yeah. One day, hopefully soon, I will post a gazillion pictures. Because I really do have that many. Really.

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