Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Puff the Magic Dragon...

Not that puff. This puff:

puff stitch hat crochet pattern

I finally did it. I made a hat. (For myself). :) After making all of those granny squares, the idea got into my head that puff stitches were the coolest things ever. I wonder why.

I needed to make a hat because I lost mine. It was also crocheted, but nothing as cool as this. Basically, it is puff stitches. That's about it. There were some increases and decreases in there, as I wanted it to fit closely to my head. I love winging these projects. They always seem to turn out well. It is so thick, it stands up by itself.

puff stitch crochet hat

I don't know why my camera refuses to take proper pictures. The colors in this don't look anything like it does in person. It is black with a moss green to lavendar gradient. See? It fits perfectly!

crochet hat patterns

You even get a glimpse of the hubster in the background. :P

So, the puff stitch is awesome. To do the puff stitch, yo, insert hook in indicated stitch and pull up a long loop. Do this three times. Yo, and pull through all seven remaining loops. Chain one to lock. Easy, right? It really is, and the texture is awesome. Try it!

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Amy said...

That's funny we were both doing the puff stitch. I'm glad to see Pat is still alive, I haven't seen him since October. You are really good at freestyling the crochet, I might need your advice when it is time to put my baby blanket together.