Monday, February 18, 2008

Completing Projects

I've actually become rather proficient with finishing things! Wooo! Go me. I finished the dog jacket blanket thingy I was making for my mom's dog, Patrick. He's the cutest big little dog ever. He's an Irish Setter. Anyway, I will be presenting the finished project tomorrow. I'm going to fit it to him with the last two pieces. They just need to be whipstitched on, so it will only take a second or two. :) Another project completely created by moi.

I finished the chart for a gift I'm making for my mom's employer's mom. Haha. It's more lace, and I gotta is pretty damn cool looking. I can't wait to make it. My mom cracks me up. She keeps calling me from Walmart to see if I need any yarn or cotton thread. I gotta come up with something else cool to make for her. :) Pictures to come tomorrow. I have some now, but I wanted to show the jacket blanket thingy on his glorious red coat.

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