Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yay! I'm a teacher! (Kinda)

So, yesterday, I taught my first "class" how to crochet granny squares. :) Well, my class was a group of my friends. It went a little slowly at first, as one of my friends is a lefty. She managed without specific help, which was awesome. All of them have done some crochet, but they are mainly knitters. Which is why I giggled at them the whole time. :) They hold their yarn and guide the yarn instead of mastering the hook. I was quite impressed with how quickly some of them picked it up. For example, my best friend started off VERY slowly but when it was done it looked great. She then made two more after I left! :) That makes me happy. I think all of them need to work more on their tension. I think the knitting fingers had a lot to do with that. :P All in all, it was lots of fun. They want another crochet night, so I'll have to come up with a project with some new stitches for them to learn. I think that will be lots of fun. :)

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schwa said...

That was so much fun :)
I hope we can do it again soon enough.