Monday, August 4, 2008

I've never been happier

...To finish a project. Jesus. This thing took way too long. The main part was quick and easy enough, but the lace border I decided to use...that's another story. Took about an hour per section, there were four sections to the border and then I had to sew the stupid thing on. Then, there were gaps between the border sections, so I had to fanagle it so it didn't look fugly when finished. I think it turned out ok, but you be the judge...

Crochet Lace Name Doily

Here is a close up of the Pineapple Lace Border:


Yeah, it's pretty, but it is also tedious and tremendously taxing. My fingers hurt, same with the wrists and forearms. Arrrrgh.

Funny story...last week when I started to work on the border, I nearly impaled my finger with the crochet hook. I had NO IDEA it was possible to get cut by one of these buggers, but yep. Thankfully blood did not get all over the piece because then I would have lost my mind. I had (and still do) a neat little slice on my finger....The finger I use to hold and stabilize the work. It's all good though. My lace calluses are back and the piece is finally finished! Wooooo! There will be more because I'm making not one but TWO baby blankets coming up soon. Two pregnant sisters. What are the chances of that? Until next time...

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