Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For the Love of Crochet!

I'm so full of myself right now. I just made a dragon. No pattern. No nothing. :) Oh, right, and it looks really good too! If my nephew doesn't like this, I'll just keep it. :)

It turns out that black yarn is very difficult to photograph, so please pardon the enhanced pictures. No, I did not make a blue dragon.

In all it's glory...

crochet dragon

I tend to overstuff things, so I'm a bit miffed at the white stuffing that is showing through in these pictures.

Here's his cute little face:

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I was going to replace the black tongue with a red one, but then I thought...giraffes have black tongues, so why not dragons? It's not like dragons are some thoroughly researched species. So, in my world, dragon tongues are black dammit!

Here's a close up of my super duper tight ass stitches for the wing. I needed to make a dense enough mesh to partially support it's own weight. It worked.

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I am very happy with how this turned out. I think I've learned most of the techniques I need to begin to master crocheting. (Except filet. Someone please explain filet to me! Something about sharing posts really screws me up.) I really enjoy being able to think of something I want to make, and then just do it. I'm beginning to think of it as sculpture, and that just takes my imagination to all sorts of places...

I love love love love love love love to make things! And they are useful! :)I mean, what 14 year old boy wouldn't want a handmade stuffed dragon? :P

I know I've mentioned this before, but if anyone wants a pattern just let me know. I wrote it down as I went along. :)