Monday, December 17, 2007

Projects and Me Being Stupid

Of course, I am stupid. This is widely known. Why am I specifically stupid? Well, I forgot to take a picture of the freaking AWESOME octopus I made for my husband's boss' daughter. Damn it! It was ADORABLE. Argh. Well, use your imagination for that one. :(

Other than being a moron, I was rather productive this weekend. I finished the scarf for my dad and one for my mom. My dad's looks just like the one for my brother-in-law (in previous blog) except it is charcoal. I am very proud of my mom's. The yarn is beautiful, the color is beautiful, and thanks to my overactive brain...the pattern is beautiful. I really like making cables but I wanted something reversible for her. So, I made cables on both sides of her scarf. The one side is a 6 row crossover cable:

Crossover crochet cables

The other side is two 4 row crossover cables:

Cross over crochet cables

You can see how the reverse side of a cable looks. With a little patient stretching and adjustments, you can line up the horizontal line rows to make them even. I think this scarf looks nice no matter how you flip it. I know she is going to love it.

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I also decided to make my friend Jesse something cute. I've been seeing a lot more of her recently, so I thought, why not.

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I overstuffed his little legs, and his head is almost too heavy (almost), but I thought he turned out well for a two hour project.

Christmas scarves are almost done! Only a few more to go...and a week to do it! :)

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