Thursday, December 13, 2007

Way Too Exciting!

Ok, so my lovely husband has taken it upon himself to volunteer my crocheting services for his boss. Ok, no big deal. Then I learned it is for his boss' two little girls! That made me very excited. I really like making little animals (I keep forgetting the Japanese word for it), and an opportunity arises! Yay!

I just finished the one for the "tom boy" - a purple octopus. Damn it is cute. I'm making a fuzzy pink teddy bear for the "girly" girl. I really hope they like them! Pictures to come once I finish the bear. :)

On another note...there are only like 12 or 13 days til Christmas. Will I finish the scarves in time? Progress reports daily (hopefully)!

On a non-crochet related note...I got my hair cut and dyed purple. It is a good day. :)

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