Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pre-Christmas Update

Woot! So, I have two scarves left to crochet! I also had enough time to make REALLY cute cat toys for everyone I know who has little aliens. What? They are aliens. Anyway, I crocheted this one scarf using two colors at the same time. This was a first for me. It was difficult at first to keep the two colors on the hook, but after awhile, it was just flying through my hands. :) Once I get in that groove, I go so fast. Speed crochet! :)

I really liked the way the two colors looked together, and how the cables looked. Yes, I switched to one color for the cables, carried the other color, and just brought them together again after the cables. It looks pretty sweet.

You are probably wondering, where are the pictures dammit? I need the pictures! And so you do. However, my wonderful parents gave me my Christmas present early...a brand new fancy digital camera! My old camera was kinda busted from when my niece got a hold of it. This one is AWESOME. I just have to hook up software, etc, etc, etc...then there shall be pictures. And they will be sharp, focused and full of color and detail. That camera is pimp. :)

Plus, I don't want anyone to see those cat toys before I give them out. They are seriously adorable!!! So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays...have a blast!

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